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Espanso match editor and utility

EspansoEdit is a freeware front-end editor and utility for Espanso users. It is ideal if you are looking for a Windows program with a quick and easy GUI to edit and manage Espanso match files. Key features include dedicated file handling, syntax highlighting, code folding, a clickable treeview of triggers, a clickable list of matches and a menu for creation of match types. A handy find function is included to search for text across all your match files. There is also a backup facility. Dark and light themes are included with a choice of 16 palettes.


Main program window (click image for full-size view; click full-size image to return):

Main window


Features of the program include the following:

  • By default the program lists match files to edit from the Espanso user folder (but any folder can be selected).
  • The built-in editor displays match files with highlighting of keywords, comments and strings specific to Espanso.
  • Syntax highlighting is also included for Markdown files, batch files and PowerShell scripts, as these can be useful to get the most out of Espanso.
  • The editor includes advanced functions such as SyncEdit, column selection and incremental search.
  • There is a menu of match types to streamline creation of new matches.
  • You can open multiple match files for simultaneous editing.
  • Each match file is displayed alongside a treeview of triggers contained in the file. The treeview is clickable for quick navigation between triggers.
  • The matches dialog displays all matches in the active folder. Double-clicking any of the matches will open the containing file in the editor with the relevant trigger highlighted.
  • There is an inline dialog to find any file in the active folder that contains a given text (e.g., an Espanso trigger).
  • The folder menu enables easy navigation between the key Espanso folders (default, config, portable and packages folders). Files and folders can be added to the Favorites menu.
  • The packages menu enables browse and edit of installed Espanso packages.
  • Key Espanso commands can be run without leaving the program, with the output sent to a new editor tab. The Espanso log can also be viewed in a tab.
  • There is a backup function to save all match files in the active folder to a ZIP file in a selected location.
  • The program is fast and light on resources with no dependencies. It is also compact, as it is contained within a single EXE file of size less than 7 Mb.
  • The program is fully portable and can be run from USB without creating any files on the host system.
  • An update check for a newer version can be made within the program.

For more detail on some of the Espanso-specific features, refer to key features.