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Getting started


EspansoEdit is contained within a single EXE file (EspansoEdit.exe). On first run it creates an INI file (EspansoEdit.ini), which is a plain text file that stores various settings such as active folder, editor font and window position.

EspansoEdit is currently available for the Windows platform only. The program runs on Windows versions 7 to 11. It has not been tested with older Windows versions.

Download options

There are two options for download of EspansoEdit.

  1. ZIP file containing EspansoEdit.exe
    After downloading the ZIP file you extract EspansoEdit.exe to your preferred folder, and then run it from there.
  1. ZIP file containing EXE installer file
    The only file required to run EspansoEdit is EspansoEdit.exe. However, an installer has been added to simplify the setup process. In contrast to the first option, this includes creation of shortcuts in the Start Menu and (optionally) on the Desktop. It also enables removal of the program from Add or remove programs in Windows Settings. The installer is provided in a ZIP file in order to reduce the chance of of a blocked download.