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Folder management

Folder menu

The Folder menu enables selection of the active folder from the following options:

  • Installed Espanso default folder
  • Installed Espanso config folder
  • Portable Espanso default folder
  • Portable Espanso config folder
  • Any other folder

Folder selection

The location of the active folder is saved when you exit EspansoEdit so that the folder is restored at restart.

Note that the portable folders can only be detected if portable Espanso is running.

Packages menu

When the active folder is set to either an installed or portable folder, the Packages menu is also set to the matching installed or portable location. When the active folder is set to any other folder, the location of the Packages menu can be set manually:

Packages menu

The Packages menu allows you to browse and edit all Markdown and YML files in the packages folder. EspansoEdit includes syntax highlighting for Markdown files with extension .md or .mdx.

Favorites menu

The Favorites menu can include folders as well as files.