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Finding matches

Matches dialog

The lower toolbar includes a Matches button, which is linked to the matches dialog.

Matches button

Clicking the Matches button generates a list of all matches in the active folder, which then populate the matches dialog. The following match types are included:

Double-clicking any of the listed matches will open the containing file in the editor with the relevant trigger highlighted.

The Matches dialog includes an option to include subfolders of the active folder. This option does not include the packages subfolder, which can be checked separately.

Matches dropdown

Single-line matches

Single-line matches are an undocumented Espanso feature. The Espanso documentation describes how matches are laid out using the standard YAML indent-based block style. However, YAML also supports a more compact style known as flow style. This style works with the Espanso YAML parser, so it is possible to enter a match such as:

- {trigger: abc, replace: def, word: true}

This provides an alternative to the standard way of entering the same match:

- trigger: ":abc"
replace: "def"
word: true