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Key features

Dedicated file handling

By default EspansoEdit lists match files from the Espanso user folder. There is also an option to select the Espanso config folder, but YML files from any folder can be displayed. Files and folders can be added to the Favorites list.

Folder selection

Syntax highlighting

EspansoEdit is the only editor with built-in highlighting for Espanso reserved words, comments and strings. The full vocabulary of over 80 reserved words is supported.

Espanso highlighting

In addition to syntax highlighting, tooltip hints are shown for some of the Espanso reserved words. The hints provide documentation on mouse hover. Hints can be disabled if preferred.

Reserved word tooltip hint

Code folding

Espanso trigger blocks can be folded to enhance editing.

Folded triggers

Treeview of triggers

Each match file is displayed alongside a treeview of triggers contained in the file. The treeview is clickable for quick navigation. The treeview can be sorted by name or in the sequence of the file. A double-click on a trigger block in the editor window causes selection of the trigger in the treeview.

Treeview of triggers

Matches dialog

The matches dialog displays a list of all matches in the active folder or the packages folder. The list includes basic triggers, multi-triggers, Regex triggers and single-line triggers. Double-clicking any of the matches will open the containing file in the editor with the relevant trigger highlighted.

Matches dialog

The editor includes a context menu with options to insert or add the main Espanso match types.

Espanso match menu

There is also a keyboard-friendly popup menu to insert match types which can be invoked with shortcut Ctrl+J:

Espanso match menu

Find in files

There is an inline dialog to find any file in the active folder that contains a given text (e.g., an Espanso trigger).

Find in files

Browse and edit packages

The packages menu lists installed packages and component YML files, which can be opened directly in the editor.

Browse and edit packages

The menu includes an option to display a list of all matches in packages. Double-clicking any of the matches will open the containing file in the editor with the relevant trigger highlighted.

Browse and edit matches in packages

Espanso commands and log

The following Espanso commands can be run from the Tools menu:

  • Espanso match list
  • Espanso packages list
  • Espanso path list

The output from the commands is sent to a new editor tab. The Espanso log can also be viewed in an editor tab - the cursor will be placed on the latest line.


For those who like to crunch the numbers there is a dialog with summary stats.

Stats dialog

Stats can be generated for:

  • Active folder
  • Active folder plus subfolders
  • Packages folder